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A few days ago, I sorted out the emails sent by my blog readers, and I found out that I missed an email from a reader whose nickname is Tim. Since he hoped that I could display his full review on my blog so that the review can be of assistance to other readers who are going to buy something from

I would like to make it clear that I have never bought anything from this replica watches online store, but I think you guys will also get something useful from Tim’s review.

“Hello WMHL,

Thanks so much for taking time with my email. I wrote this email mainly to express my complaint on a terrible fake watches company.

Three months ago I bought a fake Rolex Day Date watch from At that time I was quite satisfied with the store, and that’s why I another two watches again. Low price and good quality, such a big surprise, right?

Fortunately, everything went terrible after I placed the order of those two new watches. One month after I received my first watch, just after I bought the new ones, the first watch got broken. I promised that I had been taking good care of the watch. At the beginning, the crown bounced off and I failed to set it back, so that I contacted the customer service staff. They told me that exchange was not available and suggested me having the watch repaired by local watch stores. Then I gonna to find the store like they mentioned, but I failed to do that because people in my town seldom repair their watches except for those very expensive one.

broken Rolex

I turned to their staff once again, but they still persuaded me to keep the watch or asked someone who knew something about watch to set the time for me. At last, I did find such a man like that, but he told me that there was something wrong with the movement and I should return the watch for repair.

Refuse one again. The staff told me I needed to pay for the shipping and any charge caused by my return. It is such a big amount for me. The watch only cost me for several dozens of dollars, but why do I need to pay almost $30 for the repair? They sent me a terrible watch and I should pay for their fault? No way! At last, I gave up and chose to keep the watch. They promised me a $10 discount for my next purchase.

Remember the two watches I mentioned above? What do you think of their status? They are still on the way! Can you believe this? I bought them almost two months ago! Because of this matter, I contacted them again and again. Their replies are like these. “The *** you ordered is out of order at present, would you mind exchanging it or waiting for about one more week?” I chose to wait because I liked that watch. I waited for more than one week until they finally prepared the package and delivered it. But there was a problem once again. The package was kept in Hong Kong for several days until I noticed this situation and asked them to pushed the status. “Sorry for the inconvenience happening to you. I have contacted our express company and they told me that there was something wrong with their delivery system in Hong Kong and you package was left out in Hong Kong. They will re-process your package.” Till now, I still receive nothing. Several days ago they told me that my package might lose and that is the last email I receive from them.

I have no idea how they will deal with my order. I hope that they can give me a full refund. They waste me a lot of time and annoy me greatly.

If possible, could you share the email on your blog? I hope that there is no other people like me that run into such a terrible case.

You can call me ‘Tim’”

I feel sorry for Tim’s terrible experience. I beg that many people who bought a replica watch that only cost several dozen dollar once face similar situation like Tim’s. That’s also why I always insisted that we should buy fake watches in a trustworthy online store if we want to receive a quality watch. So, what’s your opinion towards this store? Review

It is a common sense that it is nearly impossible for us to buy a replica watch that looks, feels and functions just like the real watches. Therefore, the best we can hope is to find a quality replica that has a precise function and a good life span at a reasonable price. To make this best option available, how about relying on a fake watches company that provides quality replica watches. In terms of this type of online stores, their excellent customer services and fair after-sales policies can also reinforce their reliability. In this article, I will introduce an online store like this. is a replica watches site that impresses its visitors with the stunning and modern-looking design. I do think that its design looks great, the exact thing I would like to expect from a professional Swiss replica watches company. Black and white color scheme is set on the site, and there is a wide sliding banner show three main watch brands on the upper part of the homepage. One thing impressive is that these banners all have high resolution and contrasting black background.

There is a narrow menu bar above the sliding banners, which partially displays the available watch brands on the store. If you move your mouse to one of these categories, sub-collections will be shown automatically. A full list of categories is shown on the left side of the homepage.


This store focuses only on replica watches of Swiss movement, according to its category list. Any kind of Japanese or less inferior clone watches can not be found here. From my point of view, this is a really good thing since it can kind of prove that the store is specialized in Swiss movement and care about its customers.

The defined currency is USD, and other available options include USD, Euro, Australian Dollar, British Pound, and Canadian Dollar. As we know, Swiss fake watches are generally expensive than other, and of course Swiss replica timepieces tend to be more expensive. That’s why prices here are relatively higher if it is compared with many other stores, such as Choose SORT BY PRICE option, we can see that the lowest price is $99.87 for a bracelet while the highest price is $1,459.87 for a Audemars Piguet replica watch. It is of possibility that you think that the prices are a little bit high, just like what I thought at the beginning. But after considering it for a while, I think it is reasonable to buy a quality Swiss movement replica watches at these prices. According to the feedback of many of my readers, their cheap Swiss replica watches ran into certain unpleasant troubles after wearing for a period of time, and some are even broken from the moment they received the watches.

price price2

Another thing makes me like the store is its product pictures that look so clearly. The merchant displays each product using several quality pictures, enabling us to know the watch from different angles. Like those in many other sites, the pictures can be enlarged.

According to what I saw on the site, three payment methods are feasible, including Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. I have no idea whether there are any other payment methods since no specific policy has been shown.

The company offers free shipping service to its customers. But we should pay attention to that fact that EMS and Hong Kong post are the major express company that it cooperates with. Hong Kong post seems to be not a good choice, because it tends to offer slow delivery service. Therefore, it is suggested that we inform the customer service staff of our delivery choice. Please also pay attention to its processing time: 3-5 days, a relatively long time if compared to that in many other stores. Besides, I do think its delivery policy is unreasonable.

orders and returns

Here is the estimated delivery time shown on the site. 1. US (US,Canada,Australia): approximately 7-12 working days. 2. European Countries (Britain,France,Germany): 5-12 working days. 3. Other Countries Worldwide: 7-20 working days. I could not help but wonder why the merchant does not choose DHL or UPS which is faster. Hong Kong post only charges a small sum of money but its delivery is quite slow. Since watches in this site are expensive, the merchant should not be so mean to save a little money at the expense of his customers good impression.

customer service

Besides, I also doubt the rationality of the return and exchange policy. No exchange is feasible and every watch needs returning must never have been worn, nor unpacked. Here I want to ask one question: what if the watch sent is broken? Or what if the watch stops working after worn for several days? Besides, “All returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee and $30 return fee,” this policy is quite annoying? It is not our customers’ fault to receive a broken or defective watch, so why should we pay for others’ irresponsibility?

In conclusion, factors relative to the watches and the design are satisfying. One biggest disadvantage lies in its delivery and return and exchange policy. As far as I am concerned, I care much about the quality of the watch, thus its disadvantages fail to offset its advantages. How do you think?

Review of Good Or Bad?

When it comes to determining whether we are doing with a reputable replica watches online store or with a scam, factors like prices, product images, customer service, exchange and return policy, and of course, product reviews, are what we should take into consideration. Let’s take as an instance.

From my point of view, a site with simple and friendly appearance and that is easy to browse tends to leave a good first impression. The first sight when I saw its homepage, my attention falls on the wide banner in the center with a notice, “20% discount on any alternative payment method”. A long list of brand categories on the left side menu bar also caught my attention. From the menu, we can see the store focusing on the brand of Rolex, Omega and Cartier, since each brand contains several hundred models, much more than others.


To start browsing the products, you can simply click on a brand name, then you can enter the page on which sub-collections of the brand are displayed clearly. The site does well in organizing all the products, but it seems that Advanced Search option is not feasible here. It may take you some time to search your watch. In this case, you can contact the customer service staff if LIVE CHAT is available.

As for the watches on the site, they are powered by Japanese quartz, Japanese automatic or Swiss automatic movement. Different types of watch are priced distinctively. Fake watch equipped with Swiss automatic movement are above $500 generally, and those with Japanese automatic and quartz movement are about $200-$300.


One thing making me admire the site a lot is that it has product pictures that have high resolution. Besides, unlike some sites, which have pictures watermarked with the different URL, this one has its own watermark. Unfortunately, there are too many words on the pictures and they somewhat damage my impression on the images.


In terms of shipping methods, no information can be found on the informative page. You need to contact them for more detail. What we can get on the page is about the cost and the average delivery time. But I find one matter here. Look at the picture below, you can see the sentence, “You should receive your new replica Rolex within 5 to 7 business days”. Since it is a site selling watches of different brands, I doubt that the description is copied from another site and I am skeptical of its reliability.

shipping _

There are several payment options feasible on the store, including Instant Banking, Western Union, Ria Money Transfer, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Visa and AMEX. But before you pay the bill, you are suggested looking at the information that I found on Internet. According to the information on, this site is poor at MyWot and its website status is unsafe.

Of course, regarding the question that whether the site is trustworthy or not, it is all on you. Or you can send me the review if you once bought or will buy a watch from this company. Review: Try The Tag Heuer Replica, You Will Get Disappointed

In this review, you can have a look at the fact that how one of my readers thinks about the site. The review is written by him based on his purchase experience in the online store.

I can’t make it clear why this store can be on the first page of Google when I searched REPLICA WATCHES on the engine. Before buying this replica Breitling, I tended to consider that companies in the first page isd quality and trustworthy enough. But after this purchase, I have to change my view.

Quality: Are They Good Enough?

After I received the watch and unwrapped the package, I got kind of disappointed. I am sorry but I can not call this replica Tag Heuer Carrera a nice fake watch, really. As far as I am concerned, a good watch, a brand new watch, not to mention a quality luxury watch, should look flawless and function well, no scratch, no fallen-off component.

Due to the quality of the picture, it may be difficult for you guys to tell the flaws of the watch. To be honest, there are many scratches on the bracelet, giving me an impression that it is a second-hand or broken watch. I can not accept the fact that this is a brand new Tag Heuer replica.

In addition to the terrible scratches, there are still other flaws, like the ridiculous finish around the case, and the sharp edges. It is impossible for me to feel comfortable when wearing a watch with such a bad finish.

Besides, the minutes and the seconds markers are poorly made. Look at the dial, you can feel it clearly by yourself, right?

When it comes to functionality, I do admit that the timepiece keeps time quite precisely. However, it is equipped with non-sense chronograph.

In a word, I can not call the watch a quality replica, agree?


The Site: It Has A Simple Design is a website with a simple but elegant design. Without using any flashy or sliding banners, it manages to impress viewers with a clean layout, white and black color scheme, simple menu bar and a wide promotion banner. The page is very friendly and easy to use. Just click one category button and then the sub-categories are shown. You can also search the watch you want according to its color, its strap, its gender etc.

Watches of various brands are feasible in the site, which is one of the biggest advantages of the site.

The product pictures appear to be copied from other source, since many pictures still have the watermark of LUXSHOP.SU. Well, I have to admit that I did not notice this at the beginning, and I did not think it was a big problem at that time. Another matter of the site lies in its URL. Search REPLICA WATCHES on the Google engine, you can see the site But if you visit the site, what you will see is the So weird.

Contact information

Customer Service: Good Pre-sales and Terrible After-sales Service

The only way to contact them is email. Leave a message and your email address on the blank of CONTACT US, and they will give you a reply in the next several and next several days, all depending on your purpose. If you want to place an order, they will respond well. But once you place the order, you will confront poor customer support. I once waited for 4 days to get a reply.


Shipping: It Arrived Fast

I paid nothing for the delivery, and the watch reached me 14 days after I placed the order.

Returns & Exchanges

Return Policy: It Is Claimed To Be Fantastic

An 180-day warranty for repair and a 14-day exchange/return policy are offered in the site. But it seems that it is hard to contact them if you want to exchange or return your watch. Review: A Site Selling Quality Watches


I write this review because I like the watches of I bought three watches in this site, and all the three ones look so good. As far as I am concerned, it is impossible to get a high quality replica Rolex at low price, since a real Rolex cost at least several thousand dollars.

As for this site, it was introduced by one of my friends. He once bought a watch here, and he thought the quality and the service were OK. So, I gave it a try, and the result is satisfying.

Day date Day-Date review Day-date

Quality: The Watches Are Good

I selected three Day-Date replicas in this store. Actually, after I placed the order, I did think it was kind of adventurous to buy three watches in a new store. Fortunately, the watches I received look so fantastic.

I like them at the first sight. They look so beautiful, even more beautiful than what I saw on the pictures. The bracelets, the cases, the bezels and the dials, all look so shiny. I know that there are differences in materials, as it is impossible for a replica watch to be equipped with diamond bezel, diamond hour markers, white gold bracelet and Rolex automatic movement.

The watches all go well, functioning like the original. Of course, they can not be as precisely as the originals because the difference in automatic movement.


The Site: The Design Is So-so

To be honest, I think the site has a very simple design, and the pictures have low resolution.

Service: So Fantastic

At that time, I could not find the models that I want, so I contacted its customer service staff via the LIVE CHAT. The guy on the other side, Grace, replied me quickly, and asked me the detailed information of the watches I wanted. Then she checked the site and sent the product links to me. She answered my questions patiently and quickly. I quite appreciate this.

Besides, after the tracking numbers were available, she sent it to me via email immediately.

After I received the watch, she contacted me to know whether there was anything wrong with the watches.

They offer me such a good service, and it’s the main reason that I wrote such a long good review in

shipping & tracking

Shipping: 11 Days Delivery

It took me about 10 days to receive the watches. For me, the delivery speed is acceptable.

Return & Exchange

Return & Exchange

Since I do not need to return or exchange the replicas, I do not care about about this policy.

According to the site, a 30-day return or exchange guarantee is offered.