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To write an unbiased site review, the best way is to get one or two products in that store, so that we can test whether the products sold are of high quality and the store is trustworthy or not. That’s what I am doing now, but with a different purpose. I bought a replica Rolex Submariner in the store, but I do not satisfy with it, so I write the review for those who are considering buying a replica Rolex watch. Of course, this is just for reference.

Quality: It is less than so-so.

I selected this two tone, yellow gold Rolex Submariner replica with a black dial in this site. The watch looks pretty on the product page, and that’s one reason for my choosing it.

However, it fails to stand up with my expectation. The first problem is the Cyclops lens that does a really bad job at magnifying, like what you see in the picture. To be honest, this is not the biggest problem for me.

Look at the picture of the original Rolex Submariner, there is a diamond attached at the top of the bezel. I did not expect it to be a small diamond since I bought a replica watch. But, even though it is a crystal, how could it fall off only after a couple of times’ wearing? How could I expect the parts inside to even be fine if something as simple as this goes wrong?

The replica is claimed to be equipped with an automatic movement, but the power reserve is not great and it loses about a minute per day.

In conclusion, I don’t think the Rolex Submariner replica a good watch.


The Site: The design is simple.

The design of the site is simple and looks good. Because of its properly set filters, I can find something I want easily in the store, and the simple design does not make me dazzled.

The pictures showed are clear and look decent, not overly watermarked.

Service: Unprofessional staff

There is a LIVE HELP form on the pages, but not every time I sent a message could I get a reply, even though within their working time 8am to midnight. Sometimes I needed to wait till the next time to get a reply. It kind of wasted my time. I once tried to contact them by phone, but no one answered me.

Besides, I don’t think their staff are professional enough. They tended to answer my questions with copied replies, and they could not answer me with professional answers when it comes to details of the watch.

All in all, they do a bad customer service job.

Shipping: It is fast and free.

I did not need to pay for the delivery, and it took me 9 days to receive the package. I think the shipping service provided is satisfying. Besides, no tax was produced, unlike the case where I bought a set of hair extensions from VPfashion.

In terms of the shipping, I have no idea whether it is free for all products, but mine was.

Return Policy: Reasonable

It is claimed that a request of refund or exchange sent within 30 days from the time of good receipt is effective.

In fact, the return procedure took me about 2 weeks to consult about returning the replica. At first, they tried to persuade me not return the watch and would provide me a discount for my next watch. However, I will never buy watch in this store, so I refused it and insisted in a full refund. At last, I returned the watch and got my money back.

All In All

In a word, I will not spend money on this site, although there is possibility for me to get a good watch in it.

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